Course Objectives


Learn to work with MongoDB, a NoSQL database, for efficient data storage and retrieval.


Gain expertise in building web applications using Express.js, a web application framework for Node.js, to handle routing and middleware.


Understand how to use Node.js for server-side development, enabling you to build scalable and efficient web applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the program certified? Will I have a certificate?

All of our programs are certified and our certificate is recognized nationwide and by our recruiting partners. In addition to the certificate, we help you get a professional portfolio that will help you get hired.

Who are your instructors?

All our instructors are chosen on the basis of their technical and educational skills. They will ensure your training is efficient and effective, by monitoring and validating your progress throughout the course.

Can I join one of the programs remotely?

No. We only offer physical Trainings for now